St. Francis of Assisi and Depression

Some biographies of St. Francis of Assisi state that he had an episode of depression before his conversion, but no one knows that for sure.  What we do know is that he spent over a year agonizing over the meaning of his life.

Sometimes an episode (or two or three) of depression can trigger a deep search for meaning in our lives. Eventually, if we open ourselves to it, we spiritually grow from that search and usually embark on new ways of relating to others, the world, and ourselves.


I have attached two links below and I encourage you to listen to both. The first is a story about St. Francis’s words to a depressed brother. The second is the song, Brother Sun, Sister Moon.  It was sung at our wedding which occurred three years after I discovered that being a Franciscan sister was not my calling.  Having the heart of a Franciscan in marriage was.  Finding the song was a blessing for me.  May both these links be a blessing for you.

 Happy St. Francis Day!